Should you get a dishwasher?


Buying a dishwasher is a difficult decision, especially if it’s your first time purchasing this kind of item. However, its necessity has long been debated, especially by those who don’t run large households or don’t usually tend to cook and eat at home too much. So, do you really need to buy a dishwasher or is it just another tool you could perfectly live without? Here are the main features you have to consider and decide whether or not such an item is useful for your own household.


How many members are in your household?

The first thing you need to consider is the exact number of people living with you in the same house. If it’s just you and your partner, we don’t see how many dishes you would have to wash daily for this kind of kitchen appliance to make room in your house.

However, having at least one or two small children that constantly need looking after and special diets with home cooked ingredients could require the use of a dishwasher. Thus, we consider that a household with less than 4 members could live freely without a dishwasher.


How often do you eat at home?

Another thing to consider when purchasing a new dishwasher is exactly how many times per day you eat inside, and how often you like to cook or have friends over for dinner.

If you’re working in a large corporation or an office, you will most likely spend most of the day at your cubicle, and coming home late will drastically diminish your interest in starting cooking for dinner. This is also the case if you’re not too much of a foodie or a chef, and you prefer to order in or eat outside rather than cook for your own.

On the other side, if you often enjoy having friends for dinner or love spending time in the kitchen creating new recipes, you will most likely require a lot of pots and plates for your creations. Thus, it is not always fun to have to wash at least 10 different items for each homemade meal you prepare.

In this case, owning a dishwasher is the smart thing to do, as it will take you less time cleaning after cooking, time that you can further use relaxing with your friends and family members over a late glass of wine.


Do you have space?

Last but not least, a rentable dishwasher should perfectly fit in your kitchen so you don’t have to carry around all the dirty dishes with you for too long. If you’re living in a flat apartment most likely your kitchen doesn’t have any more room for another appliance, so it would be best to ditch the idea or purchase a small-sized item that could fit into one of your kitchen counters or cabinets.


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