How to clean stains from laminate floors


Laminate floors look very beautiful, and they can make your home look great. But trying to clean them will bring forward a lot of frustration, and you may even get to the point of wanting to give up on them altogether instead of taking care of them. Fret not; there are alternatives to consider, and you don’t have to find other options for flooring.


Why is sweeping not recommended?

A traditional broom will not work too well when you want to clean your laminate floors. Instead of such a tool, opt for a vacuum cleaner, as this device will help you pick up even the tiniest speckles of dust from the floors, without scratching them. Also, a dry dust mop is an option you could consider.

The problem with using a wet mop is that the dust easily gets mixed with the water and that will cause the dust to turn into grime that you will just move around the floor, without doing anything to clean it.

An important thing to bear in mind is that your vacuum cleaner should have an option for hard floors included. That means that the brush roll should be retracted to avoid scratching the laminate flooring that is highly susceptible to any hard action.


Never leave spills on the floor

Laminate flooring is a bit pretentious when it comes to regular care and maintenance. For instance, spills can quickly become a problem, since liquids can stain or damage the protective layer. If you don’t want to deal with a bigger problem, consider cleaning any spills fast.

Use a dry cloth that will absorb liquids quickly. Spot clean the affected area but make sure not to use harsh chemicals, as these will be just as bad for your laminate floors. Always dry the area until no droplet of liquid remains.



Dealing with stains

Depending on what kind of stains you have to deal with, there are various ways to go about cleaning laminate floors. For instance, if there is candle wax dripping on your laminate flooring, do not hurry with the mop. First, let the wax dry and take it out with a plastic knife, to make sure that you will not scratch the flooring.

Chewing gum can be a major issue, but, if you know how to clean it right, you will have no problems. The globs of gum must first be frozen with an ice bag, a simple step that will make them easier to remove with a knife made from plastic.

Rubbing alcohol works for different types of stains. For instance, any nail polish, ink, shoe polish, and everything else closely related, can be removed with the help of this substance. Just keep in mind to always dry the area after cleaning.




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