3 tips for cleaning your floors



You can get cleaner floors regardless if you just take out your mop-and-bucket combo or turbo-charged vacuum out of the closet once a week. All it takes is some sensible bits and pieces that will help keep the floor clean even without the need to do serious, hard work.


Once-a-week plus habitual cleaning concepts

Even if you only vacuum once every week, do the chore seriously. The best time to perform it is at the weekend as it is when you can dedicate a full half hour or spend an extended time clearing away the accumulated dirt. Doing some serious vacuuming every weekend lays the solid foundation for clean floors the entire week.

Observe a no-shoe policy in the home. This should be done without any exceptions. Shoes worn outdoors can easily serve as transport agents for E. coli and other bacteria to the house flooring, based on studies at no less than the University of Arizona.

You can stop the spread of disease-causing germs to the inside of the home right at the door. Prepare skid-resistant socks or slippers in a basket at the door to encourage shoe removal by family members and even guests.


Area floor cleaning

The family will still tend to create messes even if you literally stop the spread of bacteria right at the doorstep. This can come from a simple trail of crumbs in the kitchen or a muddy set of footprints at the hallway. Once you have identified perennial problem areas, dedicate a few minutes each day to cleaning those spots.

It could make the difference between making your family sick from the bacteria as even the tiniest of crumbs could serve as a breeding ground for pests and critters.

A double-sided spray mop with reusable microfiber can be employed wet or dry in the kitchen to handle messes. For spills, get the microfiber wet. The reservoir can be filled with simple soap and water on the handle. Use it dry to handle cat hair or crumbs.

If you have boys in the house who haven’t gotten proficient at aiming in the bathroom, it pays to have disinfecting wipes handy for easy daily cleanups around the toilet.



Freshly-cleaned tiles in the entryway feel good under bare feet. Get more information here: bestelectricbroom.com about a good-quality machine that will help you achieve that purpose easily and conveniently. Use the cleaning machine you find there to clean off crumbs under the table in the dining room as well. This is aside from wet mopping at the same time.

Use a robotic vacuum for handling tight spaces and reaching under furniture. A robovac picks up hair and dirt in its path. You can mop the floor clean separately.


Pets are not exempted

Keep a dustpan and brush set handy to clean off stray kibble by the pet food bowl. The pan has teeth that can also serve to clean the fibers of the brush.




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